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Latinos now outnumber whites in California

Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells, Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Sheldon, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY); Associated Press (AP) via KPCC (, July 8, 2015
(Selena Gomez) America's new Mexican sweetheart after German-Irish Tadolf Swifler?
Who would date Mexicans or Hispanic Americans and have biracial kids? Who wouldn't?
White-Latinas scramble for selfies with Argentine Pope Francis, touring CEO of the Holy Roman Empire's religious arm, an ancient psy op campaign for Rome to rule the world (AP).
As of July 1, 2015 -- by some statistical calculation based on Census figures reported today -- Latinos finally outnumber whites, but just barely.
In long-predicted shift, California Latinos outnumber whites
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South Pasadena High School counselor Sandra Jarrous helps tenth grader Erick Amaya and the school's other Latino students on the path to college (Adolfo Guzman-Lopez/
We're "Mestizos."
The long-expected moment when Latinos surpass whites as California's largest racial or ethnic group has come and gone.

According to U.S. Census Bureau figures released in late June, Hispanic [Spain-descended Europeans mixed with indigenous] Californians began to narrowly outnumber white Californians sometime in the first half of 2014.
Real Barbie: Are biracial babies "white"?
As of July 1, 2014, the state had about 15 million Latinos to about 14.9 million non-Hispanic whites.
Demographers had expected the shift for decades as the state's Hispanic population boomed due to immigration and birth rates.
Many thought it would happen sooner than it did, but a slight decline in population pushed it to last year.
Whites date Mexicans? (losangelesmexicans)
California joins New Mexico as the second state with a Latino plurality. Hawaii, with its large Asian population, is the third state where whites aren't the largest ethnic group.
Alto California belonged to Mexican Baja California, so why would anyone be surprised?

Jessica Alba and mom are brown in Beverly Hills
(WQ) What's wrong with this study? The social construction of "race" has resulted in all European groups being lumped into one big pile "white" versus everyone else.

UC Berkeley was thought to have a larger "minority" population, but one would never know it walking around campus. How was it being calculated?

"Whites" were lumped into one camp, and "Everyone Else" was lumped into the other. And OMG whites almost weren't the majority.

Wake up: We are all ONE. Love it.
Why not take salient groups and distinguish them? How many food groups of race are there? Four or five by color: brown, yellow, white, red, black. But are "Middle Easterners" white? Many are, depends on their complexion. How about southern Europeans? Some, depends on their complexion.

What about the Irish? No, they are not white. [Wait, this just in. Irish are white.]

Selena Gomez to marry minority!
How about Jews? Just the Ashkenazi (but Jewish is a religion taken as a culture, ethnicity, political party, Zionist, nationality, and anything else anyone says it is such as the "Chosen Ones" of world history).
How about white-Hispanics? Brown.

How about whites who claim they're black? White (but socially black).

How about Native Americans? Red. How about ALL Asians? Yellow. Even porcelain white Chinese, Japanese, and Korean models? Yes. (The yellow jaundice was due to eating polished rice and suffering from a condition few now suffer from so, word to the wise, only eat whole-integral-unpolished brown rice).
Socially-black white: Rachel Dolezal
Most of the Hispanics or Latinos (anyone from Latin America or, presumably, Latin speaking nations of old like Spain and Italy or at least Rome) being counted in California are indistinguishable from whites. Now, why is that? The Spanish are Europeans, and this is very clear as one enters the country from the north, which means North Catalonia. They're exactly like their French neighbors.

We've made it to the top, Lucy! - Yes
It was only when the Spanish came to the "New World" as imperial European "Old World" invaders (Conquistadors) and raped the women that the mixing began.

This gives us our stereotypical view of what a "Latin American" must look like -- more Latin (white) or more American (brown)? The Spanish of Spain do not look brown, even as they mix with Africans from their southern border and nearby Morocco.

Disagree? Feel free to comment below.
Latinos [Hispanics] now outnumber whites in CA, census data shows
A Martinez, Alex Cohen, Tess Viglund (Take Two,, July 8, 2015)
Latino and Jewish hosts Martinez and Cohen
According newly released data from the Census Bureau, Latinos now outnumber whites as the largest ethnic group in California.

The latest tally of population figures shows that as of July 1st, 14.99 million Latinos live in California, followed by 14.92 million whites.

We need better Barbies like this.
Matt Barreto, professor of political science and Chicano studies at UCLA and co-founder of the polling and research firm Latino Decisions, joined Take Two to discuss the implications of the demographic milestone. More + AUDIO (9:47 mins)
Dream: Racism ends (MLK Jr.)

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