Monday, July 20, 2015

How to eat and SURVIVE in the woods

Imagine learning how to survive in the wild. What if there were a way to conquer California when disaster conquers city life and comfortable civilization. Why worry about chemtrails, earthquakes, a radioactive tsunami, a Chinese or Russian invasion, epidemic, or the disclosure of extraterrestrial meddling in earthling affairs? Do something about it. Nothing trumps self-reliance.

Christopher Nyerges has provided survival education since 1974 through The School of Self-Reliance (Facebook). He runs field trips and workshops. Learn urban and wilderness self-reliance and survival [see schedule]. Learn about:
  • WILDERNESS SKILLS (fire-making, weaponry, shelter-building)
  • URBAN SKILLS (food and water storage, emergency preparedness, alternatives to electricity)
  • Private and group consultations 
  • Lectures to scouts, churches, schools, libraries, etc. 
  • Publications and DVDs for further survival education
Christopher Nyerges tends to some greens.
BOOKS: Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants has been re-published in full color. It is available now from major book retailers, Amazon, and in Christopher's store.

Foraging California is a full color guide to California's wild food organized by plant families with lots of additional information like recipes (by Pascal Baudar and Mia) and charts about nutrition. [It's] "an amazing book," according to Paul Campbell.

Nuts and Berries of California: Tips and Recipes for Gatherers is a Falcon Field Guide by Nyerges divides native nuts and berries and horticulturally-introduced plants (HIPs), which thrive in the cities and wilderness. Includes unique information on the processing of buckeye seeds, details on processing olives, and recipes throughout. See STORE.

The Story of the School of Self-reliance
Go Green and Save Money at Home
The school was founded by Christopher and Dolores Nyerges, who had a dream to live and teach practical skills to urban folk who have lost touch with our most basic roots.

Since Dolores’ passing in 2008 Christopher has carried on with peripatetic faculty with unique skills.

Since 1974 Christopher has taken over 30,000 children and adults on his Wild Food and Survival Skills Outings, as well as other field trips and outdoor programs.

Nyerges has worked with such groups as Sierra Club, Tree People, the Southwest Museum, the Boy Scouts of America, Elder Hostel, home schools, public and private schools, churches, and libraries.
Prince Siddhartha's kingdom, Afghanistan, came to rack and ruin, and he would have, too, had he not relied on himself to find a solution he then gave to the his people and the world. Shown here the aftermath of a landslide (Ahmad Zubair/

He is the author of ten books including Enter the Forest, Self-Sufficient Home: How to Go Green and Save Money, How to Survive Anywhere, and Guide to Wild Foods. He was the editor of Wilderness Way magazine for seven years and has authored several thousand newspaper and magazine articles in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Pasadena Star News, Pasadena Weekly, Whole Life Times, and American  Survival Guide.

School of Self-Reliance classes and workshops have been featured on Los Angeles-area television stations, including KCET’s “Life and  Times” and “Visiting with Huell Howser.” For two years, Nyerges appeared on FOX TV’s “X Show,” where he demonstrated survival skills on the streets of Los Angeles. See special tribute to the late Huell Howser. More

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