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Independence Day, 4th of July (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; text ATI; "17 Most Epic Fireworks Shows Across USA" (
Fireworks spectacular Hollywood Bowl, one of many over incendiary Los Angeles
PHOTOS: Who has the best fireworks display in our imperial nation?

Dharma democratized: Theravada Dhammakaya meditation movement, Thailand
A Path to Freedom: A Self-guided Tour of the Buddha's Teachings
Buddhist Publication Society (
These pages invite us to explore some of the Buddha's basic teachings as they are presented in the ancient Pali canon, Pali being the exclusively Buddhist language.

Each page in this section contains a selection of short passages from the sutras (see discourses in Glossary) that introduce or illustrate different aspects of a single topic.

If a particularly meaningful or interesting passage is encountered, in most cases, it is possible to read the full text of the sutra from which it came by simply following the link at the end of that passage.

Many of the passages are cross-referenced to other pages, allowing for the perusal of a theme to whatever depth or breadth is desired.

(Magical Kingdom of the Empire) Fireworks over Main St., USA, Walt Disney World
This is by no means an exhaustive tutorial. A number of the topics introduced here are explored more thoroughly in the Study Guides. The General Index also has many references to additional readings on related topics. Begin the tour by exploring the Going for Guidance (in the Triple Gem):
  1. The Buddha's Path to Deliverance
    The Buddha: A Sketch of the Buddha's life based on excerpts from the sutras.
  2. What's everything I need to know to get enlightened?
  3. The Dharma: An Outline of the Buddha's Teachings is organized according to his method of "gradual instruction" called anupubbi-katha. The Buddha frequently used this framework to guide listeners from first principles (such as virtue and generosity to uplift and enable the mind/heart to concentrate) through progressively more subtle teachings (such as the Three Universal Characteristics of Existence, revealing hidden suffering and its causal origins through its profound Dependent Origination), all the way to the fulfillment of the Four Noble Truths and the realization of enlightenment and complete freedom called nirvana.
  4. The Sangha: Descriptions of the Sangha — the whole community of "noble persons," a noble being anyone who has gained at least the first stage of enlightenment (ariya-sangha) and the monastic Sangha, that is, the community of ordained monks (bhikkhu-) and nuns (bhikkhuni-) Sangha.
(City of Pasadena) AmericaFest 2014 in the most economically-divided city in the US, with castles and homeless camps, banks and nonprofits side by side, a tale of two cities (Kipling).
(Pasadena Media) Radical Pasadena's AmericaFest 2013 fireworks spectacular inside the world-famous Rose Bowl usually reserved for New Year's Day sports activities and a little parade.

    The Farce of July
    XRF presents best celebration in Los Angeles, July 4, 2015
    Los Angeles: Israeli author Max Blumenthal, poet Sholeh Wolpe, host Sonali Kolhatkar
    Goliath: Life, Loathing
    Proceeds from the 18th annual "Farce of July" benefit the Liberation Based Healing Conference. Come out for music, poetry, vendors, food, and workshops.
    Performances by Mellow Man Ace, Aztlan Underground, Alice Bag, Ras United - (OC), T.I.W.A.E.I.S, Redstar - (Ohlone), Vice Versa - (female bass, drums, and male fronted guitarist), The Howling - (womyn fronted), Salvajes - (Santa Ana hip hop), Comandante Lenca/Moha uno, Salvi Fuerza Zsa Zsa Gabor - (noisecore hip hop San Diego), Kill the Bullfighter - (conscious East Los roc), Zero - (El Vuh), Eyerie Cihuatl-Ce,  Jim Crow - (South Central punk/hip hop/minstrel band), Zapoteca Roots, Klee Benally - (Blackfire), ICDLA Yaotl, NKRIOT, Quinto Sol.

    Sounds totally Zef, Ninja! - Right, Yo-Landi
    Sound and lighting by DJ Meno Man. DJ sets by DJ Survive, DJ Papalotl. Speakers: Corine Fairbanks (AIM, "American Indian Movement," Southern California), Jose Paez of Liberation Based Healing Conference, El Hormiguero, Two Spirit Queer Invasion, Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party, Anahuac Cultural Center for Self Sustainability (ACCSS), Know Your Roots Collective (KYR), Pico Youth speaker, Ayotzinapa speaker, street vendors speaker, High Speed Rail speaker. Children's area.

    What's there to do in the heat? (
    For vendor information contact Maria Villamil at (323) 353-2263 (space limited). ENTRY: $10 donation, kids and elders always free.  IN THE SPIRIT OF RESISTANCE: NO DRUGS, WEAPONS, ALCOHOL, AND ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS!
    • Location: Chuco's Justice Center
    • 1137 E. Redondo Blvd.
    • Inglewood, California 90302

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