Wednesday, June 29, 2016

LA sheriffs on their way to prison (video)

CBS; Joel Rubin, LA Times (June 28, 2016); Seth Auberon, Pat Machperson, Wisdom Quarterly

Essential California: Prison time for former undersheriff
Mayor/Undersheriff Tanaka sentenced to 5 years in prison for least of his crimes (LAT)
Former top L.A. County sheriff's official given 5-year prison sentence for obstructing FBI probe
L.A. Now
The downfall of Paul Tanaka and the collapse of the blue wall of silenceFor years, allegations of inmate beatings by sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles County jails [were common knowledge]. When they did, one name surfaced over and over: Paul Tanaka. Tanaka, a Sheriff’s Department veteran who rose to become second in command of one of the county’s largest police agencies, was dogged...
Downfall of Tanaka and the collapse of the blue wall of silence
Opinion L.A.
When the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department scandal emerged more than six years ago, the idea that former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, and his old boss, Sheriff Lee Baca, would one day be wearing prison blues was all but unthinkable. In 2011, the ACLU released a blockbuster report on inmate abuse...
Disgraced former Sheriff Baca going to jail
(WQ) Allegedly former Sheriff Lee Baca has early-stage Alzheimer's. So he may get out of prison time -- though he will be sentenced to at least 6 months in jail and may be forced to serve some of it, at least symbolically. Baca has already been convicted and is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty when cutting a special deal to not prosecute his other crimes and only give him at most half-a-year for a petty offense. LA's is a criminal, a convict now, and now he would have us believe he is an invalid also, too frail for jail.

Undersheriff sentenced to 5 years in prison
(WQ) But the man immediately under him -- a brutal bully who told jailers to beat prisoners with impunity -- has been sentenced and must turn himself in by August 2016. He is appealing. And everyone is angry that his boss -- who was well aware of what was going on in the deprivation of citizen's civil rights, as police committed felony assault under color of uniform on a regular basis -- is getting away with his crimes committed over 20 years. They got carried away when the FBI sent in a spy, and 9 sheriff's officials have been sentenced. The second worst criminal, former Undersheriff (now felon) Paul Tanaka, who was once the most likely candidate to replace Baca as LA Sheriff (pre FBI scandal) and was also mayor of the Los Angeles city of Gardena, is headed to federal prison. And he is p-ssed off about it

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