Wednesday, June 15, 2016

VEDIC: Flat Earth, Curved Space (video)

Flat Water Flat EarthHeaven and Earth by Gabrielle Henriet circa 1950
I. - Introduction
II. - On the non-revolution of the earth round the sun
III. - On the existence of a cosmic breath stream
IV. - On the revolution of the planets around earth and not the sun
V. - On the solid dome of the sky
VI. - On the immaterial nature of the satellites of the earth
VII. - On the action of the vault of the sky and on cosmic rays
VIII.- On defects of projection, flying discs, and the rainbow
IX. - On the phases of the moon and eclipses
X. - On the stars
XI. - On the precession of the equinoctial point
XII. - On the formation and the age of the earth
XIII.- On the function of the earth in the universe; on volcanic eruptions and earthquakes
XIV.- Is the earth the heart of a gigantic man - world?

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