Monday, June 13, 2016

How to behave at a Buddhist temple (video)

Georgia Diebelius (Daily Mail) edited by Wisdom Quarterly; Hunter Ellis (Digging for the Truth)
Khmer king riding an elephant around a Buddhist complex sees a sexy woman (DM).
(Digging for the Truth/TheSaffronSIKH) Host Hunter Ellis visits world famous Angkor, Cambodia
Code of conduct prohibits skimpy clothing, smoking, and giving money to children (DM).

No selfies with monks, no revealing clothing, and no smoking! Hilarious video shows tourists how to behave at Angkor Wat, Buddhist temple.
  • Handing money to kids and touching temple reliefs forbidden.
  • Do not climb, place feet on ancient stone art, or graffiti.
  • Code of conduct video sent to every TV channel in Cambodia.
Cracking down on inappropriate behavior, Angkor Wat in Cambodia has released a hilarious new video urging tourists to take note of their code of conduct.
The two-minute clip starts off with a Khmer king, riding through the grounds of the complex on the back of an elephant -- before he suddenly halts after noticing a woman's strappy heels.

Issues addressed in the footage include travelers taking selfies with monks, handing money to children and touching temple reliefs. More

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