Thursday, June 30, 2016

Inside Inner Earth: USAF Col. Woodard (video)

Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Helena Matias via UFO mania (FB, 6-25-16)

Why are Buddhist temples cut into stone?
This is an incredible first-hand account from U.S. Air Force Colonel Woodard about the inside of our planet, Earth, which is hollow as are all planets and the sun. Seven cultures live inside, much as Mexican (post-Aztec) and Mesoamerican mythology has always said when referring to Agartha as Aztlan. The Nahuatl word Aztecah means "People from Aztlan."

Buddhist and Indian traditions were speaking in the same way of Shambhala and Shangri-La. More interesting are the frequent early Buddhist references to a "world ruler" (chakravartin). The Buddha said his karma was such that he would have become just such a monarch had he not decided to seek enlightenment and find a path to the end the cycle of suffering called samsara. Instead of a world ruler, he became a buddha, a "universal teacher" of devas and humans whose influence extends far beyond this planet. How far? That is one of the four imponderables. Read more:

(UFO mania) What does Ed Snowden tell us about UFOs and Inner Earth?

How do I get inside?
(April 28, 2016) Inner Earth beings take first step to openly reveal themselves to humanity by Michael Salla (

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