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DMT: The War on Consciousness (TED video)

Banned TED Talk on DMT
The Spiritual PhysicistGraham Hancock: The real widespread war that rages every day is for our consciousness. And it affects everyone under the top 1% (

Take humanity by the short and curlies or the mind, and you've got them in a non-real trap -- supporting a system the kills, plots murder each and every day, and hides the tracks of its existence.

The world is ours, so let's live free.
It covers and distorts the truth to keep us from rediscovering the simple answers to free energy, cancer and depression cures, and keeps us bound by a preposterous state affairs we collectively are taught to think of and call "the economy," which is completely manipulated by the movers and shakers who most benefit from the situation as it now stands.

A wise man once said, "The devil's greatest trick is convincing everyone that he doesn't exist." Most people today fall at the feet -- as if stricken with a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome -- begging for mercy from Lord Money.

Compassion is sexy (Wisdom Quarterly)
It's no wonder life follows the events interpreted from the Bible, for life is predictable, and its cycles are also predictable. Many people know more than others could possibly hope to know about the reality we live in. The events that occur are construed to follow the Judeo-Christian Book to the letter like a comical magician's trick.

We buy into different factions of "the system," be it via science (the new religion), the church (the old religion), or history (as interpreted for the benefit of those in power).

Money has never been the solution. We know it, but what choice do we have that we know of? Money is fast leading to the demise of our planet's health and eco-systems -- all for profit, not ours but that of a handful of companies.

Light arose, knowledge arose, enlightenment dawned: O, that's the way things are.
Little do we know that we have more than enough food for everyone right now (and millions more). That's not what we're told. But yes, we have more than enough resources. We have enough health to be able to achieve monumentally amazing feats in life if we worked together rather than against each other. 

Who wants us to be against each other? Those in power, the companies, the governments, the elites, and anyone comfortable with the uneven distribution of wealth and resources.

Unfortunately the entire system is designed to keep us from discovering the truth, any truth. Business success is built on secrecy, and without it business could not survive.

The evolution of open source and free energy are putting a stranglehold on the system. While the top bankers of the world are committing suicide/being killed, we stand and watch -- just as we've been programmed to do, controlled by fear-mongering governments who constantly put out a barrage of terror and apprehension through the media.

Noble friendship is the best medicine.
Any person who is the slightest bit spiritual can feel that fear is powerful enough to keep us from experiencing almost everything spiritual and scientific.

The real human deficit is a lack of experience and a lack of knowledge and a lack of spirituality. The universe is a spiritually "conscious" thing. And we mirror the universe. There is nothing that is "us" that is not part of the universe. When we align ourselves we remember that. But everything around us presses us to remain out of alignment.

Understanding is easy if we have the ability to really question what we consider "knowledge" and our "beliefs" about what we think we know. We have to have the cahones to create new ones that SERVE the planet and humanity as a whole.

Wait, what's DMT? The Spirit Molecule

Only then can we experience our greatest potential that otherwise remains dormant, suppressed by thousands of years of the same old same old that was invented to do just that from past empires and restrictive societies to this empire and this restricted society. Control of the masses benefits a tiny minority of elites. We are the majority who can wake up at any time.
  • VIDEO: "The Spirit Molecule"
  • (Lukewearechange/
    VIDEO: What world do we enter on DMT? Luke Rudkowski (WAC/FB/IN) talks to Dennis McKenna about psychedelics and mind-expanding drugs, their role in society, the recent upsurge in knowledge about them, and how use of them could transform society, which is probably why they are banned by the powers that be. McKenna is an American ethno-pharmacologist, research pharmacognosist, lecturer, author, and the brother of well-known psychedelics proponent Terence McKenna. He is also a founding board member and the director of ethnopharmacology at the Heffter Research Institute, a non-profit organization concerned with the investigation of the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelics as medicine.

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