Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dr. Drew and Mike LIVE in Pasadena

After the death of Loveline we thought the good doctor and his vile sidekick were off the air. But they just moved from KROQ FM to KABC AM. Listen weekdays at 12:00 pm to "Midday Live with Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood."

It's funny, informative, usually about sex and modern problems of our affluent and totally f'd up society with great guests thanks to Drew's openmindedness and broad spectrum approach to politics, economics, and most everything else.

If you want inarticulate pretense and masturbation-f*rt jokes, hey, that's what Mike's here for. A cast of characters (thanks to Mike) like Rudy Cisneros, KISS singer Simmons, and  Swoll Patrol buff guy really round out an entertaining few hours. Come watch it live at the Ice House. More @

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