Friday, March 24, 2017

What is quantum computing? (Mandela Effect)

(IC) The main presentation with Geordie on quantum computing begins at Minute 4:10

STONED RAPPER PHDIn 17 minutes an expert on the subject of quantum computers and computing explains the great potential and danger of taking from parallel universes that must really exist for these $20,000,000.00 D-Wave computers to work.

They are as big as walk in refrigerators to keep components at near absolute zero to do their computations without overheating. And since what they do to be better than silicon chips upsets our reality/universe, it may account for the mysterious "Mandela Effect," covered in earlier posts.

Say the effect is nonsense and not happening, there is still a new world in front of us as this type of computing gains ascendancy from big data manipulators like Google (CIA), Facebook (FBI), and the NSA.

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