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Sri Lanka floods, "Sri Lanka Day" L.A.

Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Sri Lanka Foundation (slday.com); TheGuardian.com
Sri Lankan beauties walk around Pasadena in traditionally colorful garb (slday.com).
Climate change causes deadly floods in Sri Lanka, 100,000 displaced (theguardian.com)
Sri Lanka Day is on Saturday, July 15, 2017 in the City of Pasadena (slday.com)
Ancient artificial bridge to India
[Sinhalese] Sri Lankans often refer to themselves as “Lions” or “The Lion Nation.” One of the reasons they do so is due to the obvious lion symbol on the country’s flag. [A better reason is that sinha means lion, and other non-Buddhist people on the island call themselves Tamil tigers, infamous for their separatist inclinations.]
  • Sri Lanka ("Sacred Land") is famous as a citadel of early Buddhist teachings preserved in the Pali language from India and Scythia (Gandhara and northwestern hinterlands around Afghanistan where the Buddha was born and first promulgated the Dharma). Sri Lankan Buddhists, in their recorded history called the Mahavamsa or "Great Chronicles" speak of coming from that land by boat to settle Sri Lanka. They are not Dravidians from South India like the neighboring Tamils of Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state in India.
Thousands of years of Buddhism
The other reason is less known but much more meaningful. The lion has frequently been linked to words such as courageous and proud. The Sri Lanka Foundation is a foundation dedicated to the preservation of Sri Lankan culture. It strives to exhibit courage and pride in their charitable work and events.
One of the foundation’s most significant events is “Sri Lanka Day.” Every year the foundation works diligently to bring the sights, tastes, colors, and the general feel of Sri Lanka to spectators who gather in one location from all over California.
  • (The Guardian, May 28, 2017) Landslides and floods in Sri Lanka have killed at least 151 people and the country faces the risk of more mudslides as torrential rains [from global climate change] continue. More than 100 people are still missing after the worst rains in the Indian Ocean island since 2003. The state-run National Building Research Organization warned people in seven out of the country’s 25 districts on Sunday to evacuate from unstable slopes if rains continued for the next 24 hours. More
Last year in Pasadena for the second year in a row was a great time with delicious food.
Massive Buddha in Sri Lanka
It is an annual celebration and tribute to the culture and heritage of the Sri Lankan people. In coordinating the event the foundation seeks to inform the public about their country and its customs. The foundation also aspires to bring generations of Sri Lankans together as a community, to pass along history from one generation to another. The event will take all who attend on a short trip to Sri Lanka through traditional foods, music, dances, art, and theater.

Colorful costumes of an island culture
Attendees hear the echo of handmade drums each with its unique tone. They experience a visual feast of vibrant island costumes, colorful clothing, and ornate jewelry. Participants explore the sweets, spices, and aromas of curries and traditional foods while being captivated by dancers and performers.

Children and adults alike revel in the Kandy Parade (Perahera), the famous Sri Lankan spectacle that features theater elephants the size of real elephants. And all of these experiences can be enjoyed without ever leaving California.
In previous years “Sri Lanka Day” has attracted more than 100,000 visitors. The 2015 SL Day was special because it was the first year the event was held in the City of Pasadena. It was also the first year the foundation sponsored its own dance troupe to perform. Every year the foundation works harder to reach new heights... More

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