Friday, September 22, 2017

Native American stories, Pow Wow (video)

Xochitl, Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly;; Visual (video)

Thunder and Lightning Pow Wow 2017
The Morongo Band of Mission Indians' 27th Annual Powwow takes place between Sept. 22 and 24, 2017. Join this celebration of Native American heritage and traditions [sponsored by gambling money from a very exploitative casino and gaming industry on tribal land]. This is a time to reaffirm old ways and share in the discovery of new.
  • (directions) 
  • Morongo's Thunder & Lightning Powwow
  • (888) MORONGO;
  • Located near I-10 Fwy., Cabazon, 20 mins west of Palm Springs
  • DIRECTIONS: From L.A. on I-10, exit Morongo Trail. Turn left (north). Turn right (east) on Seminole Dr. Follow signs to pow wow site.
  • Coming from the east on I-10, exit Apache Trail Exit. Turn right (north). Turn left (west) on Seminole Dr. Follow signs to pow wow site.
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The end of "fry bread"
Greasy rancid white flour, burned, with toxic acrylamide coating (
Native Americans never wanted to eat white flour fried in rancid oil called frybread. They were forcibly placed in prison camps called "reservations" and given starvation rations which included glutinous wheat flour and adulterated oil. They were told to make something edible with these paltry ingredients.
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They put the two together to create toxic, carcinogenic, addictive acrylamides (from frying and browning), comfort food. They soon became malnourished, obese, diabetic, and developed cancers of various kinds. Who could imagine it was due to diet?

Today, the presence of the abomination of fry bread was ended in Native American ceremonies.

Miss Navajo Nation parting ways with fry bread
Felicia Fonseca ( via, Sept. 5, 2017
We thought it was indigenous, but it's trash.
FLAGSTAFF, Arizona - The Miss Navajo Nation pageant is parting ways with fry bread [doughnut slab with no hole], the fluffy, golden brown [garbage] delicacy that's become a symbol of Native American culture but is rooted in oppression.
Women vying for the crown this week in Window Rock will prepare traditional [indigenous] Navajo foods instead, like blue corn mush or a cake made at puberty ceremonies.
Outgoing Miss Navajo Ronda Joe said the tribe's new ambassador must know the history of those foods and speak about them in Navajo.
"We need to educate our people to utilize plants as food that are tied to our land, culture and beliefs," she wrote in an email. More
Who was the genocidal rapist, "Italian" Catholic, enslaver from Spain, Columbus?
White boarding school owner charged with molesting and abusing children, Iowa (AP).

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