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Billy Graham EXPOSED, dead at 99 (video)

Dave Hunt (via Patiently Waiting) video; Billy; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly
(Patiently Waiting, May 25, 2014) [Fake TV Christian Preacher Reverend] "Billy Graham EXPOSED": The late Dave Hunt exposes Billy Graham for his deep compromise of the truth, his love affair with Roman Catholicism, and...

Billy Graham was my minister - Pres. Bush
Today televangelist Billy Graham (dead at age 99) -- the Bush Family's personal preacher -- finds out if his efforts were good.

As he awakens in a lower heavenly world, is his lord (Yahweh) thanking him for all his efforts or criticizing him for all his shortcoming, which only the lord knows because Graham kept his nose very clean down on earth?

The Secret Life of Billy Graham
Graham is born again, in the literal sense Jesus the Anointed (Saint Issa as revealed by Nikolas Notovitch) likely intended: reborn.

Presumably he believed what he taught and was talking to the God of his choice.

Graham: Jesus Christ is NOT the only way
So as televangelists go, Graham does not seem like such a bad guy...when one thinks of the line of mostly Republican phony TV preachers like:
  • evil Pat Robertson
  • possessed Robert Schuler
  • corrupt Mr. and Mrs. Tammy Faye Baker
  • Moral Majority hypocrite Jerry Falwell
  • angry-angry Dr. Gene Scott
  • Bob Jones, and
  • funny Moncrief Linnear (HSN, Mr. Show with Bob & David)...
Graham, Freemason Televangelists exposed
"When the dust has settled and you're born again, maybe as a [Rev. Graham], maybe then you'll see that your reality was squashed into banality, was squashed into banality! When you are a [Rev. Graham], ahhh, ahhh, when you are a [Rev. Graham], ahhh ahhh..." 
- British punk rockers Rudimentary Peni

Billy Graham once called Mae West and said, "I'm praying for you, Mae, I'm praying for you!" She answered him, "Why don't you come over instead, silly boy" as comedian West tells it.

Ah, Mae West, was a brilliant blond who wrote her own material in Hollywood Land.

It's a good sign when the world hates you

Billy Graham’s Facebook page posted chilling message just hours before his death
Planting the Gospel Among Temples of Buddha
Shwedagon Pagoda: magnificent complex enshrines the Buddha's relics in Rangoon.
Nearly made it to 100. Dead at 99.
In November [2016], Franklin Graham will lead the Yangon [Rangoon] Love Joy Peace Festival in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

[Burma is the most Buddhist country in the world; more than 95% of the population of this closed country, which still suffers under a behind-the-scenes military-dictatorship, professes to be Theravada Buddhist].

[The preacher claims he wants] to help spread the hope of Christ in partnership with local churches.
In Myanmar [renamed by the Dictator Gen. Than Shwe], which lies north of Thailand and south of India the dominant religion is Buddhism -- and the country is filled with magnificent Buddhist temples.
Laws [by the dictatorship seeking to preserve full control] and traditions have historically restricted other religions but even through persecution, the [Christian] church has been growing and multiplying in recent years.
When local Christians announced a prayer rally ahead of the Festival, thousands of believers showed up.
One group of 80 Christian students even traveled eight hours overnight each way on the back of flatbed trucks to attend.
Many people signed up for training sessions offered by the BGEA because they want to serve as counselors at the Festival -- including 109 pastors.
The enthusiasm for this event stretches 400 miles away in [Do You Know the Way to] Mandalay, the ancient royal capital of [Buddhist] Burma, where [Western-aided Christian] churches are working hard to bring as many people as possible to Yangon [for a big dose of hegemony].
Believers are planning a pre-event rally about a month before and have asked Robert Cunville, BGEA’s associate evangelist from India to lead the effort.
One Mandalay woman, who became a Christian only a couple of years ago, is planning to use her own money to bring 200 people with her to Yangon to hear the Gospel.

[Thanks a lot, Billy Graham. Thanks for taking advantage of a war torn people to evangelize. Help the reverend with your prayers and money, but mostly your money. The lord will thank you when you die.] More

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