Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Our 2018 Buddhist Events and Retreats

Bhante, Yvonne, Dhr. Seven (, A. Wells, Wisdom Quarterly

The benefits of meditation can hardly be overstated. With consistent practice (steady and persistent effort, not overexerting, not under-exerting), the results are out of this world!

All of the following events and retreats are free, and all are welcome! These meditation retreats are planned in California (and New York) by various teachers from a trusted and verified lineage that includes enlightened teachers and teachers of teachers.

Learn more about our weekly events in Los Angeles at Dharma Meditation Initiative
2018 Events and Retreats
  • January 26: Ven. Rahula | Flyer | Registration | English only @ Diamond Zen Center
  • March 3-4: Ven. U Jāneyyācāra (confirmed) | Flyer | Registration | English & 中文 @ University of the West, Rosemead, Los Angeles
  • More Schedule in New York Area
  • April: Sayadaw U Aggañña (pending VISA) | Flyer | Registration | English & Tiếng Việt @ Big Bear Center
  • May: Sayadaw U Tejinda (pending VISA) | Flyer | Registration | English & Tiếng Việt @ Big Bear Center
  • July: Sayadaw U Paññānanda (pending VISA) | Flyer | Registration | English & Tiếng Việt @ TBD
  • July: Sayadaw U Vimala (pending VISA) | Flyer | Registration | English & Tiếng Việt @ Big Bear Center
  • August: Sayadaw Myat Pahtan (pending VISA) | Flyer | Registration | မြန်မာ & 中文 @ Azusa Temple
  • November: Sayadaw U Puññānanda (pending VISA) | Flyer | Registration | 中文 & မြန်မ (Pending English & Tiếng Việt) @ Diamond Zen Center
  • TBD: Na Uyana Sangha | Flyer | සිංහල, English & 中文 @ Diamond Zen Center
  • TBD: Sayadaw U Kesarinda | Flyer | မြန်မာ, English & 中文 @ TBD
Group Sits
Group sits are held on the first and third Saturday mornings of the month in Rowland Heights (starting in April 2018).
Group sits every Sunday at Cula Vihara in Garden Grove, California. Contact Sister Nancy @ (949) 742-4174 ahead of time if you plan on attending.

Retreats Abroad

(Various monasteries; links and info updated periodically)
  • Pa Auk Mawlamyine
  • Na Uyana Monasteries
  • Pa Auk Taiwandipa
  • Pa Auk Maymyo
  • Pa Auk Heho Branch
  • Brahma Vihara
  • Dhammika
Dharma Talks and Books
(Links and uploads under construction)

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