Monday, February 26, 2018

Meditation for people who can't "meditate"

Ananda M., Jen B. (Dharma Meditation Initiative), Ashley Wells (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly
Ever try to meditate? Meditation is not about trying. Ever do meditation? Meditation is not about doing.

Ever make meditation happen? No one can make it happen, and no one ever will. But people meditate. How?

Plants grow themselves. Gardeners only help.
Gardeners garden, and by gardening, plants grow. But no gardener has ever made a plant grow. Gardening is not about MAKING a plant grow.

It is about cultivating suitable conditions (as well as removing obstacles) so that it grows all by itself. Meditation is just this way! It happens. And all our trying, doing, making, forcing...get in the way. Let go instead.

With the cultivation techniques we'll learn, everyone who attends is GUARANTEED to enter a meditative state -- no effort required. In fact, effort will get in the way. Let go. Vegan refreshments and tangy green tea kombucha served.
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