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Expedition Sasquatch 2018 (search for Bigfoot)

Rob ( MountainBeastMysteries (, Jan. 12, 2018); Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly Wiki edit

Who dares enter these woods that I protect?
This is the feature-length Expedition Sasquatch, a new documentary about searching for Sasquatch. (These beasts are a class of very intelligent, if sometimes cannibalistic, creatures Buddhist cosmology and mythology call rakshasas, yakshis, and Yetis). The search is conducted in Nordegg, Alberta, Canada just above the northern American border. This area has become increasingly popular among researchers and enthusiasts due to the baffling tree structures found here.

The search is on for more definitive evidence like Dr. Melba Ketchum published.
What are these creatures?

We're humanoid ogres is what we are.
Rākṣasas (Sanskrit राक्षस) are a type of being found in Buddhism and Hinduism relegated to mythology (see also Hindu mythology). They are called "maneaters" (nri-chakshas, kravyads).

Ancient Vedic lore influenced many later Indian religions, like Buddhism, which incorporated these and other nonhuman creatures into its view of life on this planet.
Females are known as rakshasis, which in human form are called raksheshas. Like the yakshi (Yeti), they are often said to be fiercer than the males. The terms asura ("Titan") and rakshasa are often used interchangeably. Mara, for example, is called a yakkha ("ogre") or rakshasa, which is explained as a "corrupted asura."

"Bigfoot" in Buddhism
In Buddhism's Alavaka Sutra (Pali canon, SN 10.12) tells the story of the Buddha being harassed by a rakshasa named Alavaka. The creature orders the Buddha to leave this spot then to return, over and over.

When the Buddha finally refuses to leave, the ogre -- which possesses psychic powers, as they often do -- threatens the Buddha telling him he will do unspeakable things to him unless he is able to answer some questions.

The rest of the sutra concerns the dialogue of questions and answers. In the end, the rakshasa is convinced of the Buddha's enlightenment and becomes a follower.

Sri Lankan (Sinhalese) ancestral legends refer to them as Yakshas and the females as Yakshis. In Nepal they are Yetis, "Abominable Snow Creatures."
"Bigfoot"?! That's stupid! Everybody knows he's not real. I don't care what the evidence is!

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