Monday, February 5, 2018

Wall Street collapsing! Thanks, Trump

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly;; Wall Street Journal;

Sell, sell, you SOB! Heads will roll!
Today saw the biggest plunge in Wall Street history as the stock market dropped 1,175 points (4%, 1,600 points at one time during the day as panic selling started and automated sell offers were triggered).

It has been as high as 2,600 which is meaningless, dizzying heights that do not reflect reality. Bitcoin is not helping as it deflates leaving suckers panicked. All 2018 gains are lost (

How's that crypto bitcoin doing?
This sell-off started last week with no apparent explanation. Interest rates are going up. Pres. Trump is being an _-hole, as usual, and other market indicators are generally "healthy."

But clearly this is all about an overheated, over-inflated, fear-stricken market. It's volatile. The VIX (volatility index) has been placid, comatose, but today it surged up beyond its historical average.

I want my money back, Donald Duck Trump!
However, this is not the worst it's ever been in percentage terms. It was worse during the recent Depression we never really pulled out of and the dot com crisis and housing bubble burst that have hit it.

Then there was that Black Friday that sent the country into mire so that only a permanent war economy seemed like the solution. How's that working out for you, war profiteers?

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