Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Jimmy Dore COMEDY (audio + video)

Jimmy Dore (; Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
WARNING: Strong language! Irony from hilarious "Hillary Supporter," cussing, roasting, satirical commentary, celebrity voices (Bernie, Kevin Spacey...) impersonated skewering them with humor!

The cover of Life? Jimmy Dore!
Jimmy Dore is the star of several Comedy Central specials, author of the best-seller Your Country Is Just Not That Into You, a writer-performer for the Off-Broadway hit “The Marijuana-Logues,” host of his own weekly radio show in Los Angeles (AUDIO: KPFK 90.7 FM).

He is also the on-air host for The Young Turks, the largest online news show in the world. His latest special, “Sentenced To Live,” is his most powerful hour of stand-up comedy to date. He skewers the corporate media and sell out politicians, holding a mirror up to our American culture.

“Citizen Jimmy” is the award-winning one-hour Comedy Central special that was chosen "Best Of 2008" by iTunes and was named one of the Top 5 comedy DVDs of the year by Punchline magazine. His everyman style and razor-sharp wit draws people in, and it has made him one of fastest rising stars in comedy today.

Radio shows and podcasts

Through the website, Jimmy Dore and Stefané Zamorano an d their comedian friends bring laughs and some of favorite comic guests every week as they discuss comedy and everything else at the same time.

Recorded on Wednesdays (airing Fridays at 5:00 pm), the Jimmy Dore Show goes live on radio station KPFK, Pacifica Free Speech Radio Los Angeles, bringing the latest in pop and politics. It's nearly three hours of free Jimmy Dore comedy available every week via the podcast.

"The Jimmy Dore Live" Show has been such a success that it now airs on these additional stations: More + AUDIO
  • Anchorage AK – KWMD
  • Wasilla AK – KABN
  • Santa Barbara CA – KPFK
  • Grand Rapids MI – WPRR
  • New York NY – WBAI
  • Olympia WA – KAOS

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