Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Exposing Robert Sepehr's Atlantean Gardens

Alternative Archivist, 7/21/19; Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Alternative Archivist exposes Atlantean Gardens (Robert Sepehr/Pastor Manning: South Africa). This video examines racism, colonialism, division, bigotry, and deception in the guise or claims of teaching "real white history." If author Robert Sepehr calls those things "real white history" then she has a point.

Author and researcher Robert Sepehr
Here's the kicker. Ancient Vedic texts mention golden haired gods (devas). The Aztecs and other Mesoamerican people also spoke of tall, pale skinned, light haired, blue eyed "gods." The Book of Enoch say that Noah had snow white skin and eyes so bright they could light up the day. He was said to resemble an angel (gandharva, angelos, messenger-deva). There are numerous blue eyed statues and artifacts found in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Cambodia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Iran, India, Ukraine, and a few more countries. These artifacts all date to over thousands of years.

Occult Secrets of VRIL (amazon.com)
Regarding South Africa, the Bantus (West Africans) migrated there in the 1900s. They are new. They came after the Dutch settled there in the 1600s. In the 1600s there were only small tribes scattered throughout the Cape. The only other people to live in the region were the Zulus. The Dutch Europeans built up the country when there was NOTHING or anyone living there [other than the things and people living there]. When the country became a wealthy, that is when the West Africans showed up demanding to be a part of something that they had no part in. You really need to brush up on what you "know" about South Africa before you make a video about it.
  • (P) I found the editing slightly confusing. I struggled to understand which speakers you were endorsing versus what was featured in the original video.
  • (Hermetic Dragon) Kemet referred to black soil.
  • (Zeke Khazier) Exposing with the fake news TEDx hahaha back to kindergarten you go. Leave the history to the big boys.
  • (Robins Realm Readings) Please stop. What's your agenda?
  • (Stained Glass Window) But, but, but we wuz Atlanteans! 🤣
  • (Resurrecting Columbia) Robert is 100% correct about South Africa's early history. When Europeans first arrived the indigenous tribes were not numerous. There wasn't that much conflict between these groups initially... More + References

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