Monday, January 13, 2020

Meteor shower over the plane of Earth (video)

CNET, C2C; Eric Dubay (AG); Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

The devas put off much more light.
NASA Astro[not] Christina Koch captured a [photoshopped] photo of the Quadrantid meteor shower in early January 2020 from her vantage point aboard the extreme low-earth International "Space" Station (ISS) up just 50 miles or so well within the spheres above the atmosphere.

The image, by Koch's own admission, is not a "photo"; it is a touched up composite fabricated and adjusted to show what NASA wants shown and conceal what it does not want shown.

It's also strange that stars are suddenly visible in this image when most images from this height leave them out, claiming they can't be seen from here.
Like photos photoshopped, fabricated, composed, collaged, composited? Then love this.
Russia's space program officially announced that our moon is within the atmosphere, suggesting that it is either much smaller and closer than NASA is willing to tell us or that the atmosphere goes much, much farther out. Russians have never explained, nor have they ever retracted their official announcement.

It looks curvy, too curvy to be this close (Tw).
Hey, but the "curve" is clearly visible! Yeah, it's a NASA ("never a straight answer") photo, but what about this curve? Most of the time it's the fish-eye lens effect, and others photos are touched up, and yet others are completely flat without explanation.

Koch's stunning image is thought to show streaks of several "shooting stars" between the green glow of the aurora borealis or northern  lights and the lights of a unknown city below. "Can you see shooting starts [sic] from space? Turns out, yes!" Koch tweeted from ISS. More
200 proofs we can't disprove so we ignore
Eric Dubay via Planet Plane) 200 Proofs Earth is Round but Not a Spinning Ball. This is SCIENCE that dares to question, not the denial of testable facts. Test them. Report honestly. Dubay may not have all the answers, but NASA is definitely lying and concealing many things while calling it "reality" and "open science." At least have the courage he has to question the deceptive fantasy NASA puts forward.

Awaken: NASA images are "fixed" and fake
First you say, "These photos are not fake! My country would not lie." Then seeing the evidence, including NASA's admissions that these are doctored images, you say, "Of course these images are photoshopped! They have to be to show stuff. Nobody ever siad they were 'photos.' My country would lie to others but not me. Blame NASA not my government."
NASA pretends atmosphere is "space"
If examined closely, the illusion fades and one sees that this "photo" (actually a heavily photoshopped image) is completely fake and ridiculous. The eye says that this is what is seen from a window or hatch with the ball earth right there.

But the ISS is very close to earth, very close, and in no way could ever get this image even with a fish eye lens. One can see sand on the coast of a massive continent that spans from one end of the earth nearly to the other. Note that the shape of the earth is not a globe but an exaggerated oblate spheroid.

The clouds are so close that the point of view is not from space but from the thermosphere (where it is too hot and ISS's stated components would all melt), ionosphere, or most likely just the stratosphere.

This is all earth's "atmosphere"? Behold, no stars! Note the fake colorization and color saturation, which differ from official NASA "photos" of the planet NASA annually posts on its official website.

NASA's flat earth at the "top of the atmosphere." Claimed altitude 208 miles or 335 kms ( Crescent moon through top of atmosphere. Photographed above 21.5°N, 113.3°E by Int'l Space Station crew Expedition 13 over the South China Sea, south of Macau (NASA image ID: ISS013-E-54329).
Note absence of glowing atmospheric layers of gases. Note photoshopped shadows of missing clouds. Note glare of "hot spot" of nearby sun close to the center of photo, which would be utterly impossible if sun were 93 million miles away sending in light at a near straight angle.

The amazing this is not that we are fooled. We are little better than Soviets reading Pravda. For as Americans we know little of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). What is amazing is that "experts" are fooled into unquestioning obedience about these things.

Hollywood, look at us standing in front of a photoshopped Earth as "ball flying in space"!
And then once they realize this is clearly a deception at odds even with published facts, they keep quiet. They drink heavily. They keep their heads down to hold on to their jobs and reputations, implicitly participating in the cover up. Think. Question. Research. Or be a coward, a good German citizen during WW II, yes, a "Little Eichmann."

NASA map of earth with massive Neuschwabenland or Antarctica (

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