Sunday, November 21, 2021

Early Buddhist History (II): First Two Councils

Ajahn's talk sounds much better with Meditative Mind's "Tibetan temple sounds to remove negative energy from home" with 417 Hz, singing bowls, and temple bells.

Early Buddhist History (II): The First Two Buddhist Councils
(Ajahn Punnadhammo, May 16, 2021) This is Part II in a series. Subsequent talks are posted weekly. In the beginning, when the Buddha's Dharma (Teaching) became a "religion," as the doctrine and discipline (dhamma-vinaya) were systematically set down and agreed to a great number of fully enlightened "elders" (theris and theras), a council was convened. The goal was to keep the Monastic Sangha unified and thriving, to avoid schisms that would lead to separation and downfall. But bickering about doctrinal points of contention and interpretation of the monastic disciplinary code eventually led to its dissolution.

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