Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oprah retiring, Spam, Napalm Girl, Hubble

Is Oprah retiring from TV?
The star addresses rumors that the 24th season of her talk show may be her last. Self-imposed deadline
  • Hubble telescope's first new photo
    Astronomers are awed by the first image transmitted by the repaired space telescope.
    What they see
  • Spam capital of the world
    In August alone, 93% of the emails sent to computer users in this city were spam.
    Under siege from "zombies"

    Buddhist Opera No-opera
    , Los Angeles' music and fine art mecca, features a visual-sonic experience on Buddhism's Diamond Sutra. It's interactive.

    Girl from iconic Vietnam photo inspires
    In the 1970s, her photo was credited with helping to end the Vietnam War.
    What Kim Phuc is doing now
    Find more on the photo

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