Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eat, Pray, Take Photos

Year in Asia seeking spiritual, artistic fulfillment
Sun-lit statue in the Cave of Guru Rimpoche, in Tso Pema, Himachal Pradesh, northern India (

(9/22/09) Norm Shrewsbury sold his three-bedroom home in Flagstaff, put things in storage, packed a suitcase and backpack with his camera, laptop and clothing, and left town June 21, 2008.
  • An avid Buddhist, photographer Norm Shrewsbury pre-sents talk and slideshow on his travels throughout Asia (Josh Biggs/Arizona Daily Sun/order this photo at
The previous few years had been challenging, and Shrewsbury, a local photographer and teacher, said he wanted to simplify and change his life. "My life was very stressful," he explained. "I had no karmic responsibilities. My dad passed away. My relationship ended, and I saw no future in my teaching position."

A room with a (right) view: Shrewsbury's quarters in Tso Pema ("Lotus Lake") India (Shrewsbury/

Shrewsbury, who is also a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, said his original intention was to do a three-month meditation retreat. "I didn't pack a year's-worth of stuff, but I did pack things people don't usually pack, like statues and texts," he said. "I didn't go as a vacation; it was really to find a spiritual teacher." More>>