Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Week: Wisdom Network News (II)

Ashley Wells (WQ Weekend Guest Editor)

The Buddha teaching the first discourse ("Turning the Wheel of the Dharma") to the five ascetics and devas in the peaceful Indian countryside at Sarnath (

Temporary monks for better society
After six years, the largely negative attitude among many Sri Lankan Buddhists towards temporary ordination has undergone a welcome change.... (Asian Tribune, Janaka Perera, 9/19/09).‎

Best not to bring back religious classes in schools
The third-year civil and environmental engineering student, who is a Buddhist, felt religious knowledge classes he attended back home aided personal and ... (AsiaOne, Hui Yee, 9/17/09).‎

Event offers introduction to Buddhism
‎Change Your Mind Day was founded in 1993 by the Tricycle Foundation as an afternoon of free Buddhist meditation instruction. Now a worldwide annual event... (Daytona Beach News, journal, 9/12/09).

Deputy PM receives "Home-Practice" Buddhists (

BACKGROUND: A history of Pchum Ben
What does Pchum Ben Festival mean in Buddhism? In the Khmer language, Pchum or Brochum means “a meeting or gathering.” Ben means “a ball of something”... (Phnom Penh Post, 9/18/09).‎

Buddhist Army chaplain prepares for deployment
‎Thomas Dyer is preparing to deploy with the Tennessean National Guardsman as the Army's first Buddhist chaplain. Dyer, a former Southern Baptist minister... (WBUR, 9/11/09).

LACMA presents a fuller image of Korea
‎Buddhism's arrival in the 4th Century brought new imagery and refinement, reaching its peak in the sculpture, painting, and celadon-glazed ceramics of the... (Los Angeles Times, Suzanne Muchnic, 9/12/09).

Arthur Ashe: A Life Dedicated to the Welfare of Others
“So much of Buddhism reminds me of Arthur's goals in life, but while he certainly knew about Buddhism he was not a student.” Moutoussamy-Ashe does not live... (New York Times, George Vecsey, 8/27/09).‎

From Crisis Comes Rebirth
The concept of rebirth is associated with Buddhism; it indicates a shift in consciousness that forms a continuum within it. Every moment is an experience... (American Drycleaner, 9/18/09).‎

Dalai Lama receives compatriots, Tibetan Buddhists in Taiwan
(CNA) The Dalai Lama received Tibetan expatriates and followers of Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan Thursday amid tight security deployed to maintain order... (eTaiwan News, 9/2/09).

Lao-American Buddhist community to rebuild burned temple
The Buddhist campus is the heart of a Lao-American Buddhist community that began resettling in North Texas in the mid-1970s. Many of the estimated 11,000... (Fort Worth Star Telegram, Diane Smith, 9/4/09).‎

Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism and was popularized, in part, by Jon Kabat-Zinn who describes it as "moment to moment, non-judgmental awareness.... (Sault Star, Marilyn Linton, 9/19/09).‎

Buddhist Temple consecrated in Zuni Mountains
In Tibet and all Buddhist countries, the sites of stupas are gathering places for Buddhist practitioners, who come to honor, meditate, and make offerings to... (Cibola County Beacon, Diane Fowler, 9/10/09).‎

3rd century Buddhist relics, caves found at Taranga
Further investigations of Taranga Hills, Jogida Hill in particular, revealed several Buddhist cave shelters with proper terraces -- pointing towards the late... (Times of India, 9/4/09‎).

Reproducing the death penalty

The "eye for an eye" preached by certain religions is not permitted in Buddhism. Angulimala, a man who had killed 99 people and was about to kill his own... (The Island [subscription], 9/19/09).

"Night at the Museum," D-FW style

‎No worries, though – Guanyin [Kwan Yin], a Chinese goddess whose roots are in Buddhism, would probably bring peace and harmony. She's the Chinese goddess of mercy... (Dallas Morning News, Joy Tipping, 9/18/09).