Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dog Yoga? Yes, "Doga"

Downward Facing "Dog" -- Yoga for Pooches
Bringing pets to the yoga studio has benefits for all
Julia Mayes and Hasani Gittens, NBC New York, 9/22/09

On the path to enlightenment, yoga studio owner Kari Harendorf has a special guide -- her Husky Charlie. “One day I just brought him to class. And then I thought, if everyone loved having him in class, there's got to be other people who want to bring their dogs to yoga, who want to do yoga with their dogs. And that's how the whole movement started,” Harendorf told NBC New York. It’s a movement she calls “Doga” -- that’s Dog + yoga. From Great Danes to Pugs, pooches as partnering with their [human companions] for a combination of meditation, massage, and stretching. “It’s actually a really good thing for her,” said Erin Teague of her Pug. “She's a very anxious dog. She has a lot of nervousness.” More>>