Friday, September 17, 2010

Blogisattva Award for Wisdom Quarterly?

A Blog is a Buddhist-log. A bodhisattva is a self-sacrificing "being bent on enlightenment." (A blog, lowercase, is simply a frequently updated "Web log" about anything -- conspiracies theories, for example). Take the two and you get the Blogisattva Awards in recognition of selfless service to the Blogosphere and, uh, humanity. *Fingers crossed* As The WoQ (Wisdom Quarterly) approaches a million hits, we ask: Will we ever win? Of course, we're still waiting to be nominated. Which brings to mind a story:

How To Win
A devout Buddhist went and placed offerings at the feet of Kwan Yin begging to win the lottery. Not winning, she returned with more offerings and prayers. Still not winning, she returned with choicer offerings and more ardent prayers. Kwan Yin was terribly moved by the display of devotion until finally she entered the statue and whispered to the woman, "Buy a ticket."

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