Monday, September 27, 2010

News of the World: richest people in America

More students delay college for a "gap year"
Taking a year off is catching on with students looking for adventure and to avoid burnout. Less likely to graduate? - Volunteering abroad - Gates hails school movie - DREAM Act dies in Senate

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson shoot up the rankings. Same No. 1 for 17 years - True instant millionaires - Billionaire money habits - Where to stash cash - Five mistakes everyone should make

Two new dinosaur species discovered
Fossils found in the Utah desert include the most ornate-headed dinosaur known to man. And a four-ton, 22-foot beast - Came from lost continent - Treasure trove of fossils

Equinox marked with global celebrations
People around the world ring in the change of seasons with the help of symbolic traditions. Dramatic photos - Effect of season change - Treat for skywatchers - Fall foliage peak

How "unknown" revolt altered U.S. history
A "sharp and bloody firefight" 200 years ago carved out a tiny, independent republic in Louisiana. Its name - Flag's complex history - Lost language unearthed - 200 years of Oktoberfest

City rolls out Yoga Pose parking-ticket ploy
A Massachusetts city hopes Zen-like images will change attitudes, but some drivers aren't pleased. "I don't like it." - Parallel parking tips - Traffic violation etiquette - Calif. city salary scandal

Teen takes blame for Twitter chaos
A 17-year-old Australian admits he exposed a security flaw that led to a massive hacker attack. How he did it - Twitter patches flaw - Most popular on Twitter - Czechs halt "Street View"

Stacks of Hundred Dollar Bills (ThinkStock) Millionaire's gift sparks Web curiosity
An American man leaves a whopping $8 million to an unusual recipient halfway across the world. Why he did it - More about the recipient - Another million-dollar gift - Most endangered list

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