Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jesus was Buddhist?

Jesus Christ, although born Jewish, explored and practiced Buddhism. Then he founded Christianity. So it might be fairest to say, if one is forced to label him, that he was a Christian. Yes, the young teacher (rabbi) did dabble in Jewish and Buddhist mysticism. But what un-orthodox Jew hasn't?

Biblical accounts depict an observant young man within his culture (married to Mary Magdalene and engaged in other rites of passage as explained by the Discovery and History Channels); it would have been unthinkable to be a celibate young man practicing the very this-worldly religion of Judaism.

So like most cultural Jews presently following in his footsteps, he found Tibetan Buddhist spirituality compelling. (Maybe they took bodhisattva vows in the past and are trying to fulfill them around the world?) The Christian version of Jesus depicts a Sakra-like Maitreya-character in myths and stories surrounding the devaputra.

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