Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunday is Pagan Pride Day (Los Angeles)

Food available on site, but picnic lunches are encouraged as are food-drive donations.

Everyone is invited to unite in a free and open marketplace of ideas: On Sunday (Sept. 26, 10 am - 5:30 pm) come learn from Los Angeles and Orange County Pagans as they network and give back to the community. Wiccans will learn about Druids, heathens about shamans, Earth Goddess fans about Gwan Yin Buddhist devotees, atheists about environmentalists -- all as Christians heckle from the sidelines.

  • Rituals different paths with everyone welcome to attend
  • Workshops sharing insights on Rune reading, magick, herbs
  • Authors Pagan-themed books signed and questions answered
  • Entertainment music and merriment to enlighten
  • Vendors herbs, oils, soap, jewelry, clothing, books, crystals
  • Food stalls on site throughout the day
  • Kids color, crafts, storytelling in special area (no day care)

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