Friday, September 24, 2010

Rock Gardening vs. Crop Circles (Zen)

The largest rock garden in Japan, Koyasan, is located on Mt. Koya behind Kongobuji temple, built by Osaka Castle creator Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Nimarb/Flickr).

What is the point of arranging rocks? Finding the answer depends on where you look -- the outcome or the process. The outcome is just some nicely arranged rocks. But a process generating serenity and contemplation of the Four Great Elements (maha-bhuta), symbolic of peace, that's priceless.

Why do some people trample fields of grain to make crop circles? No doubt some cirlces are hoaxes, and it may have all started as a hoax. But gun-toting farmers are not tolerant of crop damage. It is not surprising that there is something more to it. Zen-curious good aliens (akasha-devas in Buddhist terms) out to send symbolic messages? Sit in awe. Or garden and leave others in awe.

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