Monday, September 20, 2010

God gives Atheist Cancer (or was it anger)?

Cancer-ravaged Christopher Hitchens has no use for two types of people who pray for him. But the third group is trickier. Pope on atheist extremism - Maher: Fallout of atheism

A "change of heart" is exactly what's needed. Anger, not God, likely has more to do with Christopher Hitchens' health and prognosis for recovery. (Yes cancer is curable, but not by poisoning and irradiating the body; there are options apart from chemo that doctors never mention).

There are many cures in fact. Stop feeding cancer, even accidentally, and the body often gets better on its own. If it has gone further, alternatives to waging "war" on the body are numerous and inexpensive. Because cures are not profitable and patentable, like drug cocktails with corrosive side effects, they are not taken seriously or discussed by mainstream outlets.

Annual Cancer [Cure] Convention

Like cancer, people think deadly snake bites have to be fatal. They do not. The Buddha explains that sending intensive loving-kindness (metta) to the four tribes of snakes will prevent death. How is that possible? How can states of mind have anything to do with the health of the body? Since metta takes practice, waiting to be bitten before trying it is dangerous. Practicing it ahead of time prevents snakebite. Loving-kindness, which directly cools anger, heals many things besides venom. The Antidote to Snakebite

Cancer, Snakebites Need Not be Fatal

Thus have I heard. On one occasion the Blessed One was living near Savatthi... At that time in Savatthi a certain monk had died after being bitten by a deadly snake. Soon many monks approached the Buddha....and spoke thus to the Blessed One: "Venerable Sir, a certain monk at Savatthi has died after being bitten by a snake." "Assuredly, monks," the Buddha replied, "that monk has not suffused with thoughts of loving-kindness (metta) the four royal tribes of snakes. Had he done so, that monk would not have died of snakebite!" Full text

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