Saturday, September 11, 2010

War-Happy 9/11 Day! (full video)

(Loose Change 2nd Edition)

)(WQ) Our apologies to readers who can't "hear" this without a knee jerk reaction. It really is mind boggling. Consensus reality is a much nicer place to live, but that scripted nonsense is no way to know what's really going on.

Psst, the king has no clothes. Everyone feels bad about 9/11, except maybe the American agents who fabricated the operation with an idea of helping the US. It was a great scheme. It has served as the pretext for two major wars, the Patriot Act, election rigging, and so on. The only problem is, people are offended by objective reality. Instead, we would all rather sink into the pleasant propaganda:

"We were attacked by unpredictable, suicidal terrorists. Muslims! And it can happen again if we're not careful. President, protect us at all costs...unless you're one, too."

Good news, the world is not a terrible place where everyone is out to get us. So there's no need to live glued to the TV in constant fear. And by understanding things as they really are, it might be possible to prevent them in the future or do something about the situation we are now in. Threats of burning the Koran or building a Mosque on top of Ground Zero? More smoke and mirrors to inflame the masses.

The promised change has yet to come.

But the evidence is too convincing, the pattern of "false flag" operations too old and established in the US military. (It is not as if the US military invented these tactics or the propaganda that conceals it). "Truth is," of course, "the first casualty of war." The 9/11 secret could not be kept. Many people have come forward. But they are either ignored, assassinated, or discredited. The truth is out there. And anyone with even an elementary knowledge of history or physics can see it.

  • (AP) NEW YORK – Rites of remembrance and loss marked the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, familiar in their sorrow but observed for the first time Saturday in a nation torn over the prospect of a mosque near ground zero and the role of Islam in society.
The Buddha explained the cause of war and strife. It is rooted in the pursuit of sensual pleasures and views. In JudeoChristian terms, it is translated as "principles and principalities." Quite literally, underworld entities (who live underground rather than in some spiritual black dimension) may be controlling things. Who? Naga rulers, reptilians, or in JudeoChristian terms, snakes, serpents, dragons, servants of the Father of All Lies kind of creatures. But there is an easier, more immediate reason for war, as explained by George Bernard Shaw:

Undershaft the arms manufacturer: "I am the government of your country: I, and Lazarus [his partner]. Do you suppose that you and half a dozen amateurs [elected politicians] like you, sitting in a row in that foolish gabble shop, can govern Undershaft and Lazarus? No, my friend: you will do what pays US.

"You will make war when it suits us, and keep peace when it doesn't. You will find out that trade requires certain measures when we have decided on those measures. When I want anything to keep my dividends up, you will discover that my want is a national need.

"When other people [peace activists and protesters] want something to keep my dividends down, you will call out the police and military. And in return you shall have the support and applause of my newspapers [corporate media], and the delight of imagining that you are a great statesman" (from the play Major Barbara).

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