Friday, September 17, 2010

Shortage of singles drives men to commit

Stephanie Pappas (
Wedding bells ring sooner for women in places where single ladies are scarce, according to a new study of metropolitan areas in America. Where single women are rare, women marry earlier, researchers reported Aug. 4 in the journal Evolutionary Psychology.

The shift may be because the ladies have more men to choose from, while the men have extra motivation to put a ring on it. "Women are basically getting snapped up, because the guys want to get her before somebody else does," study author Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan, told LiveScience.

Attack of the single woman
Kruger first became interested in studying the effects of gender imbalance on the marriage market when he caught a glimpse of a magazine cover on a trip to New York City. "It had this cover picture on it that said, ’Attack of the Single Woman,’ and it had this giant woman with a big red dress like Godzilla tromping through the city," Kruger recalled. More>>

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