Friday, April 19, 2013

Family Guy predicted Boston Bombing (cartoon)

Wisdom Quarterly; PJS; Hitchhiker1947; False Flag Watch

MIT shooting, policeman down, naked white suspect apprehended (Black Cap, Suspect 1, possibly killed), another (the White Hat or Suspect 2) still being sought, explosions in East Watertown area, connection to Boston Marathon Bombings likely but unconfirmed.

(CreativeMessage) FOX claws back episode
Three weeks before the 2013 Boston Marathon, Academy Awards host Seth MacFarlane and Company presented an episode showing Peter Griffin detonating two bombs with a cell phone to kill runners at the marathon. It seems, incredibly, that MacFarlane is now denying the existence of the episode. And Tevo and other recording devices are going in and erasing people's recording of the episode. (This happened before ironically to episodes of the show "Conspiracy Theory" with former Gov. Jesse Ventura). 
What will the Colbert Report or the Daily Show have to say about the cover up? They may be silenced like any mainstream show or news outlet. An interesting thing to note is that in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the state (governed by "Big Brother") routinely altered history. The protagonist himself worked at the "Ministry of Truth" disappearing people and altering facts to suit the current narrative of Big Brother's endeavors in a world at constant war and constant spying on its citizens. Now with electronic books and automated recording devices and putting all files in "the cloud," it has become easy for the FBI and other clandestine spying agencies to do the same thing. Who has the right to go in and alter anything we've recorded without our permission, particularly when the goal is rewriting history and creating social amnesia. Ever notice how amazing stories (admitting military, corporate, or government wrongdoing, etc.) on mainstream news aggregating outlets like MSN and Yahoo! simply disappear? Unless one makes a hard copy, one might never be able to prove it existed. The goal is not plausible deniability but rather convenient ignorance losing files in a sea of stories. And researchers who did not catch a story while it briefly lived online are out of luck to give an accurate account of what happened.
We can't believe the MIC, CIA, or FBI would do this! It hardly matters because they consider any tragedy a terrible thing to waste. It will nevertheless be used as a pretext to curtail civil liberties and intensify the surveillance state with its NDAA and Patriot Act and secret security letters...

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