Friday, April 5, 2013

Guards committing crimes in prison: report

Wisdom Quarterly; Paige St. John (LA, 4-5-13); FOX brutal takedown of female:

The 278 disciplinary cases occurring over six months involve smuggling contraband, [homosexual] sex with prisoners, and ignoring or arranging assaults.

Texas preacher teaches guns and religion
Texas preacher teaches guns and religion
SACRAMENTO - A catalog of recent misconduct cases in California's corrections system includes allegations that prison guards groped and grappled with inmates, brought them drugs, shared their booze and solicited them for sex.
The two-volume report, issued this week by the independent Office of Inspector General, chronicles 278 disciplinary cases the watchdog agency monitored from July to December 2012.
Texas slayings draw attention to white supremacist gang
Slayings draw attention to white supremacists
The report includes numerous allegations of prison workers delivering drugs and mobile phones to inmates, having sex with them, and turning a blind eye to or even arranging inmate assaults. Some [most] cases were dismissed or handled administratively [or never formally reported at all]; others were turned over to county prosecutors.
In one alleged coverup involving seven prison officials, a guard accepted an inmate's challenge to a fistfight, stripped off his prison gear and began a fight that was ultimately broken up by another guard's baton, the report says. Afterward, the guard allegedly staged an assault by the inmate to "fabricate a legitimate reason for the injuries he suffered earlier."
Demonstrators object to torture in US prisons
The guard was charged with six felony counts. He pleaded no contest to reduced misdemeanor charges. He and three other officers lost their jobs over the incident and two other prison officials took pay cuts.

The inspector general's report includes four alleged cases of corrections officers ordering assaults on inmates, including a parole agent accused of soliciting a parolee to murder another parolee. That April 2012 incident remains under investigation.
Prison guard delighted in raping men
In other cases, the independent reviewers criticize the California Department of [Punishments] and Rehabilitation for long delays in investigating alleged misconduct.

Internal investigators took nearly a year to file a report on a security chief -- accused of sexual relations with [male] inmates in a juvenile facility -- while he was allowed him to remain on paid leave.
The office of inspector general, however, praised the corrections department for improving its reporting of discipline cases. But it said gains still need to be made in the southern part of the state, where the handling of nearly a third of all disciplinary reports was still deemed "insufficient." More (PDF
So what? They're inmates.
"U.S. law enforcement officers and other officials like judges, prosecutors, and security guards have been given tremendous power by local, state, and federal government agencies -- authority they must have to enforce the law and ensure justice in our country. These powers include the authority to detain and arrest suspects, to search and seize property, to bring criminal charges, to make rulings in court, and to use deadly force in certain situations. Preventing abuse of this authority, however, is equally necessary to the health of our nation’s democracy..."

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