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Physics: How Iran downed US drone (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan (Pure Energy Systems News,, M.T. Keshe (;;
What unknown "energy" exists all around us to tap into and play with? Prana, Vril, chi...
Let there be light (escueladelamadretierra)
Iranian forces along with Iranian scientists have brought down an intact American drone without harming it. How was it possible? Engineer M.T. Keshe provided them with astonishing futuristic saucer-and-force-field technology. What energy form is at play -- Vril, prana (life-spirit), chi?
...What [Keshe] may or may not realize is that the black-budget military-industrial-complex based in the United States has been testing advanced air and space craft for decades.

Some of these very secret craft are probably using technology reverse-engineered from the extraterrestrial space craft that [were knocked out of the sky] near Roswell, NM in 1947 [and elsewhere].

After fifty or so years of working with ET technology, the military-industrial-complex more than likely has craft that rival those in Iran's nascent saucer program.
What mysterious and ordinarily invisible power makes the world(s) go round?
The difference is that Keshe offers his technology to humankind, while the military-industrial-complex sequesters their advanced technology for their own nefarious purposes.
According to Keshe, Iran just happens to be the first to embrace his technology.
It is difficult to know if Keshe is telling the [whole] truth, if he is exaggerating, or if he is delusional. He has made so many extremely amazing claims, it is hard to believe all of them can be true.

If they are all true then he has developed every technology needed for humanity to colonize the galaxy. Simply put, we would not need to wait hundreds of years to build the Starship Enterprise; we could build it right now!
Keshe [is] starting to provide [a] limited amount of evidence to back up his assertions. He claims that there was a demonstration during a 1.5 hour lecture in Belgium on Dec. 3, 2011, which was organized by the Belford Group of Belgium. 
(Dec. 2011) Iranian scientists downed an American unmanned drone in the east of the country, according to Iran's state news agency. The only mystery is how Iran managed this feat.
According to him, 130 people attended the demonstration.... a video recording of a laboratory system was shown that had weight reducing abilities. Afterwards, the actual weight reducing system was demonstrated to the audience. In addition, a 3-4 kilowatt generator was presented, along with an "Oasis" system. (Description of lecture)

The future of social control (AJ)
An article found at discusses a lecture Keshe gave in the Netherlands in November of [2011]. The author of the article describes how during the lecture he showed a video of a three kilowatt generator, but then claimed he could not demonstrate it because the police had stolen it.

Repeatedly, Keshe claims to be the victim of suppression by various governments and organizations. For example, in Toronto he had all of his papers stolen by Canadian government officials. If his technology works as he claims...suppression of his technology is very likely. Why? It could change the world if widely adopted.

If Keshe's claims have any veracity, this is one of the most amazing developments taking place on the planet. More
  • Stay tuned for Part II, a report on a 1.5-hour interview Sterling had with Keshe today. Update Dec. 15, 2011, 9:00 am MST with audio file prepared.
Ordinary Slinky defies laws of gravity in slow motion (See physics paper)

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Galaxion said...

The Iran drone story is one of Keshe's most nonsensical claims. There is no shred of actual evidence that he has anything to do with it. He simply employs one of his favorite strategies: the harder it is to investigate his claims, the bolder they get. It is highly likely that he has nothing more than family ties to Iran. His family probably had good relations to the Shah regime -- as shown by his selection for the nuclear engineering studies in Britain -- which make all too close relations to the current regime rather doubtful.

The obvious proof, that there is no "Keshe technology" in Iran are the extensive "classical" nuclear power and space flight programs. No country with quite limited resources would engage in such programs if it had access to technology like Keshe fantasizes about. Nothing of Keshe's meager attempts to argue against this holds any water.

Even some of Keshe's devoted followers seem to get suspicious about his claims concerning Iran, as shown by this excerpt from a recent post on the Keshe forum by one of the most active members:

Keyvan [a well known Austrian Keshe follower with Iranian descent] has tried to contact PressTV [a large state-owned Iranian English language news network, broadcasting worldwide] on several occasions without any response. We are both curious to know, why you have never been mentioned or interviewed in relation to the Space Ship Technology or any of your technology for that matter. It was only recently that you really opened-up about Iran. You work with Iran, you are Iranian, and I am sure the Iranians are very proud of you, in being able to help them. We find this a little strange and would welcome your response or comments on this matter.

(LUVTHETRUTH on 03/31/2013, )

Keshe didn't reply.

Concerning the Belfort presentation in Ghent in December 2011: If Keshe would have actually shown something impressive there, the word would have spread. No way 130 people would have remained silent about that. But after intense research I was only able to find a single public comment of a participant:

There, Mr. Keshe thus showed his generator, as well as his oasis project bucket (and its contents). He also showed an anti-gravity reactor. There was a lot of mystery around, but in fact you just saw three plastic dome-shaped appliances, one wrapped in copper coils. He showed none of them actually working. Well, besides the usual Parkinson's and empty car videos he showed a movie whith his anti-gravity reactor on a scale, where the weight went back from 7 kg to 6.9 kg. Also not really convincing, very amateurish.

(Jlp on 12/13/2011, translated from Dutch, )

What makes this report especially credible is, that Keshe used the same strategy after his tour in Italy in December 2012. He showed only some non-working gizmos and a very vague "weight reduction" video (partially included here: ), but claimed afterwards in his forum: "For the first time in public we have shown the space reactor and weight reduction system in Italy on the 15.12.2012 last weekend". Distorting the meaning of words (like using "in public ... shown" for showing a lousy *video*) is another one of his favorite strategies.

I highly recommend this extensive collection of facts about Keshe (there are several followups after the first comment):