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Patriots Day "coincidences" (video)

Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
American-to-racist "rebel" Southern Confederate war-flag (kootation,com)

Buddha and money (Omoo/Gansv1846/
Look into my eyes.
This weekend Los Angeles learns the functional meaning of a Police State. 

The LA Times Festival of Books, the Long Beach Grand Prix, and CiclaVia ("Bike for Life") -- in addition to EARTH DAY events throughout the county and the Seeds of Peace SCCPWR Conference.

Stephen Colbert (Comedy Central's "Colbert Report") on terrorists picking the wrong city (patriotic Boston) to mess with!

Racist confederate flag banned by school dress code as "inflammatory"
Julia Sweeney says it's Hitler's birthday (4/20)
Paramilitary troops in police uniforms will be out in force carrying "high visibility" arms (military-grade weapons usually reserved for the U.S. War on Afghanistan). The pretext? We cannot allow another Boston bombing, not that this clampdown will stop that from happening if MIC-sponsored false flag conspirators already have plans. But why let that stop Obama's secret new jobs stimulus program: more hours for police, armed guards, wiretapping spies, undercover operatives, and clandestine agents of all kinds? In our Brave New World Order all things are possible, from taking down right-wing extremists to capitalizing on any tragedy to bolster the surveillance state apparatus.

Jon Stewart (Comedy Central's "Daily Show") rips CNN a new one.

Coincidence? Something's Happening on P-Day
Volatile organic chemicals set off earthquake
Waco, Timothy McVeigh false-flag at the Oklahoma Federal Building, the [Manchurian Candidate] Virginia Tech shooting, a spectacular example in a line of spectacular school shooting and one of the only ones not involving a lone deranged white male full of SSRI drugs and post-hypnotic suggestions [with assistants who are never apprehended or sought despite eyewitness reports], these and similar incidents are what Patriots Day is becoming infamous for on the heels of the Boston Bombings and Waco II, according to Aaron Bender (Tim Conway Show, KFI AM, April 17, 2013).
The deafening and injurious concussive force of the blast in the Town of West, Texas, 20 miles north of Waco as a fertilizer plant goes up in smoke with devastating consequences killing, according to early reports by KFI, 80+ innocent people (Tim Conway Show).
I can't takes this here bikini to skool.
When the BS hits the fan, it's odd that it hits so close to Waco, Texas, site of the Waco incident two decades ago. That is when federal forces murdered David Koresh and his Branch Davidians holed up in their private compound disobeying orders to submit to federal force, inspection, search and seizure, and likely imprisonment and torture. The refusal did not stop the feds from deploying draconian measures and burning the inhabitants, all American citizens, alive in front of TV cameras. Patriots Day is getting a reputation. The plant that could not explode just exploded under mysterious circumstances:
Why is she wearing that racist two-piece?
(Newser) At least five to 15 people died in a fertilizer plant explosion near Waco, Texas, NBC News reports -- and the toll could ultimately be in the dozens, notes the Dallas Morning News. The number of people injured has already passed 160 as patients grapple with "blast injuries, orthopedic injuries, (and) a lot of lacerations," says a hospital boss, per CNN. Meanwhile, fears of another explosion at the plant have prompted an evacuation among local residents. The blast followed a fire that "spread and hit some of these tanks that contain chemicals to treat the fertilizer," says a local congressman, per the New York Times. More

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