Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who is the "Most Hated" celebrity? (video)

Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Amber Dorian, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Slate (video) via Newser.com

Who's that gorgeous golden girl? (alessandrarich.com)
Too cool to love? (elledecor.com)
Who is the "most hated" celebrity in Hollywood? It isn't Kristen Stewart; she's Number 2. And she's in second place. It isn't Justy Beelzebeeber; he's even lower on the scale but hopes to make it -- judging by his recent antics and overall offensiveness, which even his native Canadians decry and distance themselves from -- to the top stop eventually. (Seriously, Beebs, Anne Frank?) Barry S. Obama? He's more a disappointing-god than a celebrity. Kanye Kardashian-West? No. Kim K-west? No. Think Goop.  
Beauty (who2.com)
Oh-oh, I know! That scumbag... No. Oh, that nut! Nooo. Ohhh, that off-putting toothy grin with diamond cutters. Close, but no. How about that rich spousal abuser? You'd think, but no. You're on the right track with rich.   It's not Reese Witherspoon, is it? Close enough. It's our dear, dear friend Gwyneth Paltrow. Could you believe it? Make a few mil, rap, treat your kids like Hollywood royalty, marry a superpop emo rockstar, make movies about Shakespeare and have the decency to quickly die in that Contagion movie about a government-generated killer virus. See more at Most Hated Celebrity Isn't Anne Hathaway or Chris Brown...(Slate)

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