Friday, April 19, 2013

The Ganges River (documentary)

Wisdom Quarterly; Kalpavata

Devas/devis (nature fairies, elementals, spirit beings) in the woods (Sarah Marston/flickr)
Devi Bhramari (
India is a land of devas and devis, godlings and goddesses. This very Earth is a goddess, Devi Bhoomi (Greek, Gaia). Discover the importance of Ma Ganga, "Mother Ganges," in this spellbinding trip to her origins in the Himalayas.
It is an epic journey to find the source of the Ganges. The expedition reaches the temple of Gangotri where modern Hindus believe the Ganges first appeared on Earth. Farther along the trail continues at Kedarnath, Valley of Flowers, Yamunotri, and Badrinath.

Nanda Devi is India's second highest peak sheltering the Bhyander Valley, home of the remarkable Valley of Flowers. Covered in snow for the majority of the year, it transforms as the snow melts during the short summer. The high meadows become carpeted in spectacular blooms in every color under the Sun (the godling Surya). Fantastic cinematography from the epic series of Ganges.

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