Friday, April 11, 2014

L.A. Festival of Books (April 12-13, 2014)

Ashley Wells, Seven, Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly;;
The Los Angeles Times hosts the annual Festival of Books for all readers, free at USC

Books, books, so many books to read, to skim through on Kindle, to treasure in acid-free paper. Musty and crinkly, artsy and orthogonal, look at our library! We'll never read these...but we will reference them. We edit (see below), we cite (see at left), we treasure, and sleep on like Edgar Cayce (now David Wilcock) imbibing and absorbing information and knowledge -- maybe even a little wisdom. It's a dying art, maybe even a lost one, reading for the witty and well-read. But there are those great ones with all the nice pictures and the filthy ones that come in half a century of shades. Any how, here's a whole FESTIVAL of books and reading brought to us courtesy of the Los Angeles Times and USC.
The Buddha's "Higher Teaching" (Abhidharma) made easy to read by Sayalay Susila

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