Saturday, April 26, 2014

Can one love one's penis too much? (video)

This optical illusion is caused by our brain's top down processing rather than being mindful of what's there or what psychologists refer to as bottom up processing -- perceiving based on data rather than interpretation. Instead, our minds constantly "construct" our reality. Send complaints care of CC Liu. Then fish your mind out of the gutter and look below:
(VICE) Can a man love the penis too much? Acclaimed at festivals worldwide including HotDocs, SilverDocs, and Fantastic Fest, "The Final Member" follows the aging curator of one of the world's only penis museum as he races against his own mortality to complete his comprehensive collection. Opens in theaters and VOD 4-18-14.

Female Penis, Male Vagina: First Case of Genital Reversal in Nature
Charles Q. Choi (; Yoshizawa et. al (Neotrogla aurora in Current Biology)
Female penis structure of cave insect (CB)
Females with penislike genitals and males with vaginalike organs are cases of a new extreme reversal of sex roles researchers have discovered in little-known cave insects.
These are the first examples of animals with genitalia that reverse the traditional sex roles, and the discovery could shed light on the conflict between the sexes in the animal kingdom, investigators said.
Scientists analyzed four species of insects from extremely dry caves in Brazil. All four species belong to the genus Neotrogla, just as dogs, wolves, coyotes, and jackals belong to genus Canis. The first Neotrogla was discovered 18 years ago; adult Neotrogla range from about 2.7 to 3.7 millimeters (0.11 to 0.15 inches) long. More

I am not a Dick (Nixon)
Stephen "the new David Letterman" Colbert on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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