Monday, April 14, 2014

The Revolution MAY be televised (video)

CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; KPFK; KPFA (support free speech)
What is important enough to protest about: peace, war, student loans, taxes, pot, jobs?
(UprisingRadio) Join Uprising TV's exciting new campaign to televise Uprising for Free Speech TV. Contribute, get involved, join the revolution...or at least watch it from your couch. We have only until April 30th 2014 to raise the funds to make it possible!

UC Berkeley artist Favianna Rodriguez joins Sonali Kohlhatkar on Uprising Radio

It all began in Berkeley as Lewis Hill and others protested U.S. wars in Asia (KPFK)
Democracy Now's Amy Goodman agrees: we need Uprising TV

As Pacifica Radio's flagship station in Berkeley (KPFA FM), across from San Francisco, turns 65 on April 15, 2014, a revolutionary thing is happening in Los Angeles (KPFK FM). UPRISING has a crowdfunding campaign on Indie Go Go to televise the show and other Pacifica programming.

Radio host and Wisdom Quarterly friend in Pasadena Sonali Kohlhatkar has been active in bringing attention to the liberation of women in Afghanistan (RAWA) as well as covering the most gripping social justice issues of our day. More
Zen teacher Alan Watts called Pacifica the only truly "free speech" outlet in the world.

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