Thursday, April 24, 2014

Woman arrested for Buddha tattoo

Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly;; AFP; The Independent
My Nepalese Boudhanath "Buddha Eyes" tramp stamp is h-lla sexy but not advised (WQ)
Plumber arrested for... (Hartsfield/BAN)
A British woman learned the hard way that it's not a good idea to visit Sri Lanka if you have a visible Buddha tattoo. Tourist Naomi Michelle Coleman, 37, was arrested after arriving from India at Sri Lanka's main international airport yesterday; she was taken before a judge, who ordered her to be deported. The tattoo, on her right arm, shows the Buddha sitting on a lotus flower, AFP reports. Sri Lanka has a Buddhist majority, and a police spokesperson says she was detained for "hurting others' religious feelings," The Independent notes. She's expected to be deported within days; the same thing happened to a male tourist last year. More

Tourists, please refrain from kissing the Buddha
Here a French tourist goes at it with a revered icon in Sri Lanka. Note to self, show some sense. As Westerners, we “mean well.” That doesn’t mean we aren’t being horrifically disrespectful. This is the equivalent of dry humping Madonna and Child at the museum. It will get you fined and possibly jailed and deported. The Buddha might be cool with it but Buddhists will not be ( It is considered very wrong to take a selfie with a Buddha, so take a photo of a Buddha and leave it at that.

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