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Hitler survived WW II in Argentina (video)

Hitler's son Jean Marie Loret (
"The Hitler Clones" is a hilarious sketch from the classic HBO comedy show asking, What if? (lol) But we will never be able to say it enough, Truth is stranger than fiction. Tragedy trumps comedy in this case: Like 9/11, the American/Russian/British wars on Afghanistan, the US-MIC's invasion of Iraq, the joint US/Israel threats of invading Iran, the Oklahoma Bombing, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon... the world was deceived again.

Hitler and his food taster (
The amazing and verified fact is that the Fuhrer, the infamous Wall Street-sponsored German dictator and mass murderer, Adolf Hitler, along with Eva Braun, did not commit suicide in a bunker. The twin suicides were a cover. In fact, Hitler and Braun were taken out of Germany along with top Nazi and Gestapo assets as documented in Hitler's Life in Argentina by Harry Cooper.

Longtime researcher and author Harry Cooper was interviewed by Jeff Rense on July 19, 2013. He was on the radio again with investigative newsman George Knapp on Coast to Coast on April 26, 2014 with even more confirmation.

American clandestine forces knew it. World leaders spoke in public about it at the time. Argentina welcomed countless Nazi escapees (who likely also utilized neighboring Antarctica), who arrived by German U-Boat/submarine for two years following their "defeat" in WW II. Many therefore say the Nazis did not really lose the war. 

They won and continue to win, but this is not a neo-Nazi/White supremacist fantasy come true. 

Adolf Hitler (Hugo Jaeger/Getty Images)
At least 9,034 NAZI scientists were invited to live with impunity in the United States (Project Paperclip) that shielded them from war crimes charges associated with the Holocaust, help set up our public and secret space programs, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), our nuclear programs, our inter-ballistic missile programs, our empire, the end of civil liberties, and our attempted conquest of the world.
The CIA, NSC (National Security Council), NSA (National Security Association), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), like the Stasi and England's MI5, Russia's KGB, and Israel's Mossad are saturated in Nazi research and activity.

Where's the evidence?
Christian leaders can never do wrong
(C2C) Cooper revealed to Knapp on Saturday (April 26, 2014) that he has encountered many eyewitnesses who saw Hitler and Braun alive and well after the war. This includes a man from Mar del Plata, Argentina, who admitted to seeing the former German dictator on three separate occasions.

Moreover, a former naval intelligence/NSA agent admitted to Cooper that the American intelligence community knew that Hitler did not die in Germany. The CIA and FBI, for example, knew that Hitler was living in Argentina from 1945 on, according to Cooper. 

It's easier to joke about heavy subjects
But the most compelling evidence confirming Hitler's escape to South American comes from an agent named Don Angel; he wrote a 114-page, single-spaced letter detailing his experiences in the infamous bunker with Hitler and Braun. He witnessed the couple being forcibly drugged under orders of Reich leader Martin Bormann, a double brought in (shown in photographs and immolated the way Osama bin Laden's alleged corpse was dumped into the deep blue sea), and the cover story deployed. Listen

(WQ) Hitler was taken by sub to Antarctica/New Swabia (Neuschwabenland, "New Schwaben Land"), according to the agent, although Cooper insists it Hitler arrived directly in Argentina, where he lived out his life dying in the 1960s and Braun into the 2000s. So what? Who cares? Hitler was a figurehead. What matters is what became of the Nazis. And that's why everyone should care. Their legacy continues, particularly in the US:
  • (German "mind control"), Thomas Marshall, Neil Sanders, psychological warfare, gang stalking, community watch, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, Black Ops, mind control, Phoenix Project, Monarch Program cults (nonlethal microwave and radio frequency attacks), false flag operations, purposeful childhood trauma, LSD research, Contra, MK-Ultra (and its 149 sub-projects that took place at 80 institutions including 44 American universities, 15 private companies, 12 hospitals, and three prisons -- according to former CIA Director Admiral. Stan Fields Turner in 1977 Senate hearings (Min. 15:01), Patriot Act, Agenda 21, microwave weapons, eavesdropping, organized crime, FEMA, New World Order, targeted individual, directed conversation, trauma-based mind control programming, Manchurian Candidate, triggered suicide, multiple personality disorder, mobbing, gaslighting, disinformation, CoIntelPro, trigger phrase conditioning, sex slavery, "Drug War," PsyOp "controller," hypnotism, population reduction, drones, future Earth, PSYCHOTRONICS, brainwashing, use of electromagnetic waves, remote control behavior, satellite, smart meters, non ionizing radiation, subconscious attacks... all had their origins in the U.S. based on inherited and continued Nazi activity.

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