Saturday, April 5, 2014

Live from Afghanistan, eve of [fake] elections

Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan, that our CIA's Taliban destroyed (Hazaristan Times)
Afghan voting, no exit polling (Uprising)
Elections in Afghanistan take place this Saturday (April 5, 2014), with violence spiking strongly. On Friday, two journalists with the Associated Press were shot. One of them, the Pulitzer Prize-winning German photographer Anja Niedringhaus, was killed. The other is Kathy Gannon, author of the book I Is For Infidel, who is reportedly in stable condition.

Proud warriors came to kill and rape, now on psych meds and headed home (
"It was fun" fighting for empire. Just look what the Romans did for Israel (
Sure some treasures were lost, but that's ancient Greek and Gandhara history. Think of the heroin trade we gained for the CIA to fund more covert war activities! (
Afghan children, a.k.a. collateral damage
[JSOC and the American military-industrial complex have left this ancient nation -- where Buddhism simultaneously began as the gateway between Asia and Europe -- safe and secure, bringing peace and freedom and now fair and transparent democratic elections, but somehow...]

Dozens of attacks in the past weeks throughout the country have created a tense atmosphere. On Wednesday a [brainwashed] suicide bomber killed six Afghan police officers in the capital Kabul, and a day before that a candidate running for election and nine of his supporters and staff were killed in a northern province. Al Qaeda?

"Democracy kicks in" (1:35) after invasion and occupation (Family Guy)
Greco-Afghan Buddha
Among the candidates for president are a number of “warlords,” such as Abdul Rashid Dostum and Abdullah Abdullah. Afghan [Puppet-] President Hamid Karzai, who has presided over the country for nearly the entire time of the US occupation, has reached the limits of his tenure. Last December Karzai refused to sign an accord with the US over the status of US forces in Afghanistan, saying it would be more appropriate for his replacement to make the decision.

GUESTS: Anand Gopal, journalist covering Afghanistan and author of a forthcoming book on the US-war called No Good Men Among the Living, joins Uprising live from Afghanistan; Edward Girardet, author of Killing the Cranes: A Reporter’s Journey through Three Decades of War in Afghanistan and editor of the just released fourth edition of the Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan joins from France.

Former CIA Director, U.S. Sec'y of State, JSOC Cheerleader (Warlord) Leon Panetta, Esq. (gold tie) and outgoing billionaire Dictator-Most-Friendly-to-the-West Hamid Karzai (AP/VOA)
The US just can't stop blowing billions in Afghanistan (Vice News/

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