Friday, June 6, 2014

The Make Music Festival (FREE)

Seth Auberon, Amber Larson, Ashley Wellls, Wisdom Quarterly;; Key of Awesome; Katy Perry "Dark Horse"; Bart Baker
(Key of Awesome #85) Katy Perry, "Dark Horse PARODY," not featuring Juicy J.

Katy is awesome, but this parody is more awesome. And seeing 100+ bands in a day for free is also way awesome. While Dev and a half million others march for gay pride on June 7th, we'll be at the Make Music Pasadena day from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. The next Kitty Purry is sure to be there. If only we can find her!

We found a teacher! (Issrasai/flickr)
While the Buddha did not have a lot to say about giant festivals, his two chief male disciples sure did (See Hilltop Festival of Rajagaha). Ven. Sariputra and Ven. Maha Moggallana used just such entertainment-overkill to launch their careers renunciants as wandering ascetics in search of truth and liberation form the round of rebirth/disappointment. After days of excess, one turned to the other and said, "These people are all without exception going to be dead in 100 years. What is the point of it all?" The other answered, "That's just what I was thinking, friend." They renounced with all their friends as their retinues and went in search of an enlightened teacher. The surfeit of that cloying concert/celebration inspired them to find answers to the ultimate questions.
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Bart Baker as hybrid-devi Avril Lavigne (and Taylor Swift)

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