Monday, June 23, 2014

Football in Brazil, NSA in Bahamas, Rush, Nader

(Thoughty2) The most secretive places on Earth (except the NSA may be there, too)
If there's no safe harbor, no privacy, on a faraway tropical island, how about the city?
The Bahamas Wants to Know Why NSA is Recording Its Phone Calls
Greenwald says there's no place to hide (PIN)
Government officials in the Bahamas want their U.S. counterparts to explain why the National Security Agency has been intercepting and recording every cell phone call taking place on the island nation.
Responding to a report published by The Intercept on Monday, which revealed that the NSA has been targeting the Bahamas’ entire mobile network and storing the audio of every phone call traversing the network for up to 30 days, Bahamian officials told the Nassau Guardian that they had contacted the U.S. and vowed to release a statement regarding the revelations.

Chaplain anti-gay is a virtue
In a front-page story published Tuesday, Bahamian Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell told The Guardian that his government had reached out to the U.S. for an explanation. Mitchell said the cabinet was set to meet to discuss the matter and planned to issue a statement on the surveillance. The Bahamian minister of national security told the paper he intended to launch an inquiry into the NSA’s surveillance but did not provide a comment.

Nader: Climate, Iraq...
A source familiar with the situation told The Intercept that the cabinet meeting had indeed taken place, but an official in Mitchell’s office said there would be no comment Tuesday. “You’ll have to call back,” said the official, who did not identify herself. More

Repressing World Cup Football protests in Brazil is big biz; What we don't see on TV
(The Intercept/June 4)
How Secret Partners Expand NSA’s Surveillance DragnetHuge volumes of private emails, phone calls, and Internet chats are being intercepted by the National Security Agency (NSA) with the secret cooperation of more foreign governments than previously known, according to newly disclosed documents from heroic whistleblower Edward Snowden. The classified files, revealed today by the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information in a reporting collaboration with The... More

Ron Paul’s Secret Shame
ron paul
(, August 13, 2013) Who killed Ron Paul’s campaign manager? Why won’t CNN ask that question? Dr. Nancy, Mark Thompson, Will Ryan and the Cactus County Cowboys. Plus Michael Snyder talks movies.

Rush on women in workplace

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