Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Would've been easier if I'd been uglier (video)

Crystal Quintero and CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Ugly.org (, AllChic.com)
The World's Ugliest Dog contest helps shed light on dog abuse (news.asiaone.com)
Novice and loser puppy, who did not even place in the Ugliest Dog Competition (Tuhoc)
(Bauhaus, "Swing the Heartache") "I feel that if I'd been uglier, it would have been easier..."
The Ugly Models Agency
ugly models website
If beauty is in eye of beholder, is ugly too?
Forget all those reality television shows that say you have to be tall, spaghetti-noodle thin, giraffe-necked and ridiculously beautiful to be a model.There is a model agency seeking people who are the polar opposite of this type. You can be as huge as a tank or as shriveled as a raisin. You can have a zillion body piercings, dark circles under your eyes, or look like death warmed over.
Peanut is "World's Ugliest Dog" winner, 2014
You may be older than dirt and have a face that makes dogs and small children run across the street. If you are a gal or guy who falls into any of these categories, you are probably just the sort this Brit-based modeling agency wants. 
Allen is a "Special" from X-files
Visit this site and take a glimpse at their portfolio page and imagine you, in all your grotesque glory being featured there. Ha! Take that, Tyra Banks and American Idol! I told you you'd be seeing me again! Girls - Men - Specials - Rage

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