Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's not okay to be gay (video)

Even after it's leader died recently, the family-run Westboro Baptist Church is still causing trouble. This past weekend a group from the church, protected by L.A. County Sheriff's deputies, was out at the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade Fest with harsh and offensive signs. Who are these Christian crusaders?

But I'm a Yankee doodle "dandy"!
VICE follows the story of the Westboro Baptist Church as families split and children are "brainwashed" into picketing the funerals of dead American soldiers fighting for a doomed gay nation and bashing homosexuals at every turn.

During that time, VICE interviewed more than a dozen members of the reviled group, including some of the only members not related by blood, the Drains. They welcomed VICE into their homes and gave them access to 17 years of home video footage. In return, VICE produced an unbiased look into the lives of one of America's most despised Christian fundamentalist organizations.

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