Monday, September 26, 2016

Creepy clown caught by cops in Kentucky!

Maybe it was just a Juggalos's gathering.
The great creepy clown panic of 2016 may have hit its crescendo as police in Kentucky have managed to arrest a man allegedly in the midst of frightening an apartment complex....
Coming at the end of the fourth week of panic sweeping the South, the arrest should dissuade other aspiring creepy clowns from picking up the hobby and, one hopes, send the haunting harlequins back into the collective unconscious until they return to menace us in the future. More: BBC News

Medical Controversies/Lucid Dreaming Investigative medical reporter Jon Rappoport discusses the latest in the FALSE SCARE Zika virus controversy, a new CDC ruling that allows mandatory detention and inoculation without a healthy person's consent, and the new rule in California... Also lucid dreaming guest David Jay Brown.

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